Chairman Message

Chairman Message

I would like to share the importance of “Ayurveda Medicine”. It is one of the ancient Indian medical systems developed more than 5,000 years ago in India. The Terms 'Ayurveda' consits of words namely,'Ayus' and 'Veda' meaning 'the Science of Life'.it is traditionally considered as a supplement to the vedas. Its basic belief is that the health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Its main goal is to produce good health, not to fight with disease. It is a way of diagnosing illness using a wide range of natural herbs and techniques. We are practicing this medicine since from our ancestors and have been seeing many changes in the lives of the people leading them from death to life.

Our main goal is focus on our patients to give them a complete cure from their ailments. Ayurvedic medicine not only cures the disease but also eradicate the root of the ailment rather than suppressing it. Ayurvedic medicines work as immunity-booster as they comprise of a mixture of essential vitamins, proteins, minerals, and herbs. These medicines maintain a strong appetite, prevents immunity disorders reducing the risk of catching diseases. It helps in hormonal Balance, weight loss or maintenance , lowers stress and anxiety without any side effects.

Dr. Sri Sirivella Muralidhara Rao implies that “ ayurvedic medicines not only cure but also eradicate the root of the ailment if started at the early stage whenever the problem onsets. The cure is permanent. But in allopathic treatment the disease is not cured permanently and it provides only instant relief to the patients by destroying the disease causing organism. In my routine medical practice, I have observed that most of the ailments can be treated with a litt

Dr. Sri Sirivella Muralidhara Rao is well known for delivering uncompromised health to people by giving them natural medicine to relieve stress, strain and undergo treatment for once own sickness. He has completed B.A.M.S from Venkataramana Ayurvedic college, MADRAS University in the year of 1990 and further joined in Y.V.K. hospitals,Chennai as a doctor.He has been serving the people in the ayurveda field for 33 years and have treated 1000’s of people. He is following the path of his father in serving people with the ayurvedic Medicine. He is Well trained in treating diseases in the natural form of medicine for many diseases like Paralysis , Parkinson’s , Fits and Migrane and also many diseases which can be completely cured from the roots. His dedication and keen intrest towards treating people with the natrual medicine has helped many people to get out of their problems and continue their life as earlier.

Dr. Sri Sirivella Muralidhara Rao is expert in treating neurological diseases and have treated hundreds of patients suffering with problems and have achieved 100% results in curing them.He is also well trained in treating with skin diseases , obesity and many other problems as well.