Ayurvedic Migraine Headache Treatment in Vijayawada

Migraine Headache

Migraine is a extreme headache that is largely as a result of excessive stimulation of blood vessels. Some of the causes of this insupportable headaches are Indigestion, anger, pressure, intake of salty and spicy food, excessive publicity to daylight, skipping meals, anxiety complications and alcohol. Ayurveda has range of effective treatments for migraine. Here are some solutions that will help you fight this trouble. Dr. Sri Sirivella Muralidhara Rao is best ayurvedic treatment for migraine in Vijayawada.

  • The ayurveda treatments are shirolepa and shiro dhara which can be popularly used on all sorts of migraine sufferers. Shirolepa is the application of effective natural pastes that incorporates camphor, sandalwood, jatamansi and many greater at the affected vicinity. Shiro dhara consists of the system of pouring circulate of thin to thick drinks over the scalp for a special amount of time. These remedies are very generally used and are recognized for his or her a hit recovery homes. We do best ayurvedic treatment for headache in vijayawada.
ayurvedic treatment for migraine in Vijayawada
  • Ayurveda offers to you some of historical herbs consisting of bala, kumari, mallika, amalaki, sariva, yastimadhu, hareetaki and plenty of greater that guarantee you 100 percentage remedy from migraine. These are blended and jumbled together appropriate quantities to give great consequences.
  • Apart from these ayurveda remedies, some of ayurveda medicines along with godnati bhasma, Chandrakala rasa, Kamadugha rasa (mouktika yukta), Bhoonimbadi khada , Shirashooladi vajra rasa, Pathyadi khada are also available used inside the remedy of diverse kinds of migraines.
  • There are a number of ayurveda home treatments that give you wonderful outcomes in a totally short period of time if you are not able to get admission to these ayurveda treatments and need on the spot comfort from the excessive complications. Ice % may be used and rubb it on your temples to lessen ache. Tinospora cordifolia, usually called giloy, can be eager about raw honey for immediate comfort.
  • You can get fantastic results which can lessen your insupportable pain by taking some drops of paste of saffron and ghee into each of your nostrils and inhale them deeply. By making use of sandalwood on forehead or a paste of black pepper, rice with bringaraaja juice on your brow will do wonders on your migraine ache.